Wednesday, February 2, 2022

booktoks made me buy it

I used to love reading malay fiction books years ago.
Like every single weekend I would go to the bookstore to buy a single book and I could finish reading it within 1-2 days. 
The moment I entered second year of medschool I became detached to it. 
And years later, when I was in my last posting of housemaship I came across my friend's ig story about religious books from Mizi Wahid, it's beautiful. I bought the whole set for myself.
Andddddd the last thing I know I now own about 50 fiction books ha-ha. 
Have I read all of them? 
Absolutely no. 

Told my husband buying books and reading books are two different hobbies. 
I like the feeling of you own something. 
This books are now finally under my possessions. 
It's all started with tiktok. 
They are all booktok recommended. 

Now that I want to focus on my part 1, I no longer read the books, but still I want to buy more.
But alhamdulliah I managed to suppress the syaiton inside me, ha-ha-ha. 
I still went to bookstore once in a week, but only for sight seeing :p

Once in a while, I would go to the online bookstore, book depository, mph, bookxcess, some shopees, it's a good feeling seeing good books. 
I feel like want to own them astargfirullah. 
But the feeling is only temporary. 

If you look at my TBR list ya Allah it's a long list. 
Dont know when I'm gonna finish them.
Inshallah one day. 

Eh how come people can read one 800 pages book in one day???
Like A Little Life, The Priory of the Orange Tree etc. 
If only I can read the whole oxford revision note in one day...
Not gonna happen aint it zzz

Andddd it's finally my favorite month of the year. 
The parcel from bookdepository is on it's way. 

Bertambahlah tbr list saya.

Till then, 

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