Monday, October 15, 2018

how to stay in love with the same person for life

When my friends asked me what keeps me in this relationship, to be honest I am not the right person to answer this kind of questions, you should asked someone who have been married for 60 years like my grandparents. I learned a lot from them. The secret of 60 years of marriage are communication, tolerance and understanding. Please note that love is NOT the only thing that makes a relationship stays. They did fight, even now they still fighting for something silly  (like siblings fight) in which looks cute to me, and they ended it with laughing luls. 

As their grandaughter, I am proud to have them. They showed me how love works. It doesnt need to be smooth all the time, it is when things go wrong, you still there to fix it. This is not a fairy tale after kissing scene they live happily ever after. This is reality. There will always be hard times. That's how life works. With difficulties, there is relief. With difficulties, we learn to be grateful and appreciate the things we have in life. I dont know how my marriage life's gonna look like, I just pray for whatever challenges that's gonna tear us apart, we will always find the way back to each other inshallah. 


Friday, October 12, 2018

pouring rain

It's pouring outside. I remember exactly 2 months back, Diyana and I were on the way back to mahallah (in IIUM we call hostel mahallah, it is an arabic word), it was raining heavily, we barely managed to get into the car. The rain was so heavy as it obscured the view, and it was freezing cold too! I told Diyana, I heard somewhere that during the rain is when the du'a is readily accepted. So did we pray inside the car for everyone in our batch to pass final MBBS exam in one go. It was actually 2 nights before the result announcement. 

If you asked me how does it feels like back then, I was really really desperate to pass medschool. If it's not due to the du'a from my parents, grandparents, friends, lecturers, patients and maybe my cats as well (I believe if we do good to animals inshallah they will pray for us in return), I might not reach to this stage. How powerful a du'a is till it is called a weapon for Muslim, yet I sometimes skip making one :( 

It's still raining outside. 
Let's pray for whatever wishes you dream for come true.