Friday, February 17, 2017


Day 4 of life in anaesthesiology.

Awal gila anaest ni datang. Even dah keluar seawal jam 710 pagi, sampai di hospital, siap tukar baju semua dalam jam 735 pagi, anaest dah ada lama terpacak dalam OT prepare drugs untuk surgery yang akan berlangsung. Pukul berapa mereka ni sampai ya? 

Dah 4 hari dalam anaesthesiology, dah pandailah sikit bawa diri. Tolong benda-benda kecil contohnya macam pasangkan ecg, spo2, prepare drip, masukkan branula, manual ventilation, masukkan oropharyngeal airway dan juga dilute drugs. 

Jadi semalam, ada emergency lower segment caeserian section due to fetal distress. Sebelum patient masuk, aku buat-buat rajin tolong doktor dilute drugs.

"Nak tolong ke?"
"Okay dik, kau ambil syringe 3cc ni kau masukkan suxamethonium (a depolarising muscle relaxant, atau nama lainnya succinylcholine), lepastu kau tulis nama dia"

 Dalam hati, syringe kecil marker kemain gedabak muat ke nak tulis penuh dengan concentrationnya lagi? Jap ada tak short form untuk drug ni, aku tanya dalam hati. 

"Hmm doktor, takde shortcut ke?"

Omg what was I just saying, shortcut? Gila memang doktor akan salah faham yang aku ni pemalas nauzubillah nak tulis nama drug tu.

"Hmm takde shortcut dik, kau tulis je"

Memang doktor dah salah faham. Matilahnakkkk bad impression dah ke aku. Pemalas sungguh budak ni. Aku dengan muka yang awkward (mana dia nampak muka aku pun, aku pakai mask) siapkan kerja aku dan cepat-cepat blah.

"Terima kasih dik"
Serius dalam kepala, tak terfikir pun short form ke abbreviation ke, boleh pula shortcut yang keluar? Ya ampun. Alah hal kecil je pun. Hihihi

So nanti, bila tiba masa aku untuk jadi houseman, antara anaesthesiology & emergency, aku maybe akan pilih anaest. Takutlah nak kerja dekat ED. Harap-harap ada banyak kekosongan nanti.

Moga Tuhan permudahkan lagi 2 minggu nak exam, lepastu ke Melaka untuk forensic posting, dan hai dae han min guk ten ten ten ten ten hihiihii :) 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

for the next 9 days

Being diagnosed with acne vulgaris, I was prescribed with 6 month course of oral doxycycline, together with topical retinoid and benzyol peroxide (up till the acnes vanished). I stopped applying the topical cream about couple of months ago since I didnt need them anymore. I went to Dr Ryna for chemical peeling twice. Thank God I found the suitable moisturizer for me, which is gel moisturizer, the cream one isnt good for me because it increases the sebum production making my face looks oily and increase the susceptibility for acne growth. I changed my mindset in which seafood doesnt cause any harm but my mindset yes. Now I can eat seafood happily without being afraid that the acnes will come back. Our mindset really plays a big role. Always be positive.

I can wear make up anytime I want, just make sure the brushes are clean, remove the make up with make up remover, dont leave any stain, dont go to sleep without cleaning the face, just dont. The only thing that matters now is my pitted acne scars. From what I've learnt only superficial scars can be treated using dermabrasion or chemical peeling but the deepers scars need to be treated by laser which cost thousands. I will continue go for chemical peeling. I believe that scars fade by time.

Referring to the title, yeay 9 days left and I dont need to take the antibiotics anymore. The next 7 days, I cam finally donate my blood. I am thinking of donating of organs once I die. I am so motivated by the uncle that donated his blood to 17 needy patients and finally had the chance to see them. I wish I can be more than that.

I really hope this is the end of my acnes story.

Sunday, February 12, 2017


I hope for every pain that mom endure for me, for every sacrifice she made for me, for every ringgit she wasted for me, for every sweats, for  every sleepless night worrying about me, for everything, may Allah grants her the highest place in heaven.

I love you mom.

Your first born.

Monday, February 6, 2017

6 years and counting

"Awak rasa tahun depan ada "kita" lagi tak?"
"Mestilah ada"
"Tahun-tahun akan datang?"
"Ada juga"
"Kalau takde?"
"Inshallah ada"

Sunday, February 5, 2017


Hi dear self,
If you dont study now, you wont get the job, or you might get the job but you'll be the rotten eggs, you'll put patient in danger, after 2-4 years of contract you will be terminated.

Life is getting harder. Years before we're being told that doctors are secured job. Not anymore. There are too much rotten eggs up up there, on the higher hierarchy but the government couldnt do nothing, then they came out with the solution of contract workers during housemanship & 2 years of mo-ship. And we are the one who's being affected by the rotten eggs. 

So dont add up more rotten eggs, because this time you will be expelled straight away.