Friday, December 30, 2016

no title

I used to love blogging really much, but now wow look at me, surprisingly its already two months I left this blog untouched. It is not like I don't have time to blog, and I'm not that busy medical student staying up all day long to finish reading books, that is totally not me, I wish I were, but sadly no. Feels like I have lost passion to blog, maybe? Plus I don't have much interesting stories to be told.

At this point of time, I already passed orthopaedic posting, currently in radiology posting and tonight is the last night before I'm going to sit for end of radiology posting tomorrow.  Being a radiologist is always be my dream. Although I couldnt recall the anatomy of all the structures in the body, I still consider radiology as a speciality that I want to pursue later on. 

May God ease my way throughout medschool, housemanship and mo-ship.