Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Finding iPhone

If I tell you my missing iPhone had been found in less than 24h will you believe me?
Please do.
Read this POST first.

So this post is all about the journey to find Siti's iPhone (my first name is Siti so hihi)

I lost the phone on Friday (18th Dec) around 1.30 p.m. 1.48 p.m was the last time my phone was seen online (thru find my iPhone) and it was at someplace (we named it as X okay?) that I didnt know probably somewhere nearby the domestic airport. The apps only showed me the roof of the building so I didnt know whether it is a house, a shop, a warehouse, or whateverlah. As what I had said in the previous post, I lose hope. I cried a lot. My friend ask me whether I wanted to make a police report or not, I said no. What they can do? Will they believe on me? It is not a case involving crime, it was just my carelessness. I started googling for a new iPhone (second hand of course, I got no much money in my pocket). I thought I was okay. But I wasnt. I cried while writing the previous post. My friends, Beh & Diyana lent me their phone. But without simcard, it was useless. I need to renew my simcard. My mom scolded me for being so careless. I got mad too. How could she. She should calm me down instead of scolding. It is hard to explain the way I felt then.

I wish he was here. I started making myself busy. I didnt eat anything since noon, but I wasnt hungry. Glad my stomach understood. I couldnt sleep. Cortisol secretion increased as I was stressed out. That explained much things.

Around 9 p.m, Asila convinced me (again) to make a police report. I was like are you kidding man? Do you think the police will entertain? They got so much works to do. They probably wont have time for us. Hmm but we knew the last place the phone was at. So what if we try looking for it. Like dapat dapatlah tak dapat pasrah je. At least we try. No regrets.

Together with Asi, Tee Mars and At, we went to our first checkpoint which was Balai Polis JJJJ. I told them the purpose for making the report is to get back my phone. I showed them the map. Like what Ive been expecting, yes they didnt have time to entertain.

One of the inspector said,
"Terus teranglah saya cakap dik, ini bukan kes jenayah, ini kes kecuaian. Jadi kami tak dapat nak buat apa. Kami cuba untuk bantu sebab cik perempuan"

They asked us to go to the nearest police station to X by our own. We had to find the station ourselves. Glad we finally made it.

So next stop was Balai Polis MMMM. I was moved, they wanted to help us as there was proof. Unfortunately, the problem is I didnt know whether the phone was still there or not. The phone was offline. Last seen on 1.48 p.m. It was nearly 12 a.m when we reached the police station. One of the abang polis knows how to read the map which looked so much confusing to me. Luckily X is nearby the station. If I tell you what X exactly is you will be surprised.

"Kenapa cik tak datang buat report dari siang tadi?"
"Saya taktau pula handphone hilang boleh buat report police"
"Cik, ayam, lembu, kerbau hilang pun boleh buat report cik"

Okay X is Kem Tentera OOOO. I seriously was surprised. Like what the heck my phone's doing there? So that's mean someone related to tentera or what took my phone. Let's be husnudzon. Maybe he planned to give it back by tomorrow? But didnt have time to call me? Perhaps. Well, it was a big chance for the person to take a free iPhone. Can I call it stealing by chance? The pakcik polis told us it was not easy to get into the camp. We should come in peace. No accusing. No harm.

"Cik kami cuba untuk bantu. Kita cakap elok-elok untuk masuk. Kalau tak dapat harap cik faham. Susah sikit cik sebab ini bukan kawasan kami"

Oh God please help me entering X, I prayed silently.

We followed the police car to the camp. I didnt know what the police said to the soldiers. I didnt hear them. I couldnt concentrate as I was too nervous. Imagine entering someplace that is unfamiliar to you and the receptionists are holding gun with fiery eyes looking at you like you have done something wrong. Scary dont you think? Thanks to pakcik polis we finally had the chance to enter the camp. It was not the first time for me since my dad was once an army.

Upon entering the camp, they just wanted one person to come out from the car.

"Seorang je keluar dari kereta"

So obviously I have to be the one since that's my phone that gone missing. As what I had done in the police station, again I showed them the maps. My phone wasnt far from the point where we were standing. I told them they can trace it using the apps but unluckily it was offline.

"Macam ni tuan point warna biru ni ialah lokasi di mana kita berada sekarang. Yang warna putih ni di mana hand phone saya berada. Tapi ni pukul 1.48 minit petang tadi. Sekarang phone off jadi saya taktau masih ada dekat point ni atau dah berada di tempat lain"
"Cik point biru ni akan gerak kan cik? Jadi saya akan tahu bila saya makin mendekat ke point putih?"
"Ya tuan"

"Sekurang-kurangnya kita nak tengok titik pertemuan antara dua titik ni"

I could read pakcik askar's face. It was written in his face that all this things is such a waste. It is impossible to find the phone.

"Takpe cik, shift saya dah nak habis. Nanti saya tolong cik"

Finally someone said it! God bless them. From the beginning I used Tee's phone as the navigator. I handed it to abang askar who willing to help. I think everyone knows that kem tentera is a restricted area. It is not a public area. So we couldnt go any further from the guardhouse. After 10 minutes of waiting, the abang askar came back.

He said excitedly to the pakcik.
"Bos betul bos saya tuju phone ni dekat pintu rumah A, takde apa-apa. Tapi bila saya tuju dekat pintu B berkelip-kelip bos. Macam mana pun B juga bos"

Unfortunately it was a family house.

"Kalau rumah bujang senang sikit cik kita nak geledah ini rumah yang dah bekeluarga susah sikit cik"
"Macam mana kalau memang betul telefon saya ada dekat situ tapi mereka tak mahu bagi?"

(Dealing with people like this you gotta talk strictly but in a polite way. Remember we come with no harm no accusing)

"Takpe cik kalau mereka tak nak mengaku saya akan arahkan unit jenayah tentera untuk geledah rumah tu"


"Kenapa tak datang dari siang tadi cik dah ada bukti, pagi-pagi buta macam ni baru nak datang"
"Saya taktahu tuan, kalau saya tahu dah lama datang"

(The policemen were already left long before abang askar searched for the house. This is not their area so they cannot be here for long. In simple words, they are just a helper to get me in)

I didnt know how the abang askar talked to them about the missing phone, about the apps that lead him to the house. I really wanted to know how the conversation went.

About 10 minutes waiting, again, the abang came back I hoped with a good news of course. He parked his bike next to my car. Hands in the pocket ready to show me something.

"Cik jumpa dah" (1.56 a.m. on 19th Dec)

Oh God thank you my Lord. You answered my prayer.

"Anak dia kata dia terjumpa dekat terminal siang tadi"

I didnt ask further questions. I was amazed. The apps really leaded me to the right way. I was thinking it is "terjumpa" or really terjumpa? I guess it was "terjumpa" because my simcard was already removed. The phone was switch off though there was still some batteries left. I really wanted to know how the abang asked for the phone.

Have you watched Paper Town?
At said our journey last Friday was like in the movie. It wasnt searching for a missing friend, but for a missing phone. Thank you Asi and all for non stop convincing me to make a report. If not, I wont get to see my precious phone ever again.

It was an amazing journey. Young people like me and friends, like the abang-abang polis and askar were so much amazed with the technology established by Apple Inc. Sure it would be a hot subject to talk about for days.

BUT the apps can only trace the missing phone provided the phone is online (meaning the phone must not be switched off and the mobile data is on)

Once you have used an iPhone, you wont look at other phones anymore (I think this statement is applicable to most of iPhone user)

Till then.

Friday, December 18, 2015

I am so fucked up

I am not okay.
I am seriously not okay :(
I am so messed up. 

Last two months someone broke into my car and today I lost my iPhone. It happened really fast. The incident happened in the bus station as I was going to buy ticket for upcoming holiday. I planned to be home by next Wednesday. I parked my car at the roadside and walked to the station with my friend, Farah. It just a 2-3 minutes walk . I remembered clearly that I carried the phone with me. As we walked to the station, I remember there was no other people walked behind or beside us. It was just us. Reaching the station, I suddenly realized that the phone wasnt with me. It was weird. Because I hold it with my hands. Seriously man. If the phone falls on the ground I would noticed it. It was not the first time it falls. There was no such thing as kena pukau or what. We didnt talk to any strangers. 

I was being positive "Oh maybe I didnt bring the phone at the first place. Maybe it stills in the car. Okay we'll find out later. To the counter first" 

I bought the ticket and a dark chocolate drink with oreo topping, went back to the car. We searched through the car and it was not there! I didnt put the phone into silent mode so I asked Farah to call my phone. No sounds heard. The call was connected but no answer. Of course the culprit wont answer it! We tried searching from the way we came to the station. It was not there. We asked Akak that parked the car behind mine if there is any signs of people coming near my car when I was at the station, and she said no! Then Farah called Kak Syu asking for help thru the apps of find my iPhone. And taraaa! my phone was moving away from me.

I didnt know what to do. It was precious to me. I cant imagine this morning was the last time I saw it forever. Hmm. So what did I do? Make a police report? Of course not, tell me what can they do? I did nothing except crying. Such a lil brat I am. Kak Syu turned the phone into the lost mode so that the one that stole it cannot get access to it unless s/he knows the password of mine. Of course s/he need to call me first for the password. Do you think they have courage to call me? Of course not. So it means that the iPhone that they just stole is nothing without me. Apple is way good in terms of security. Even if they send it to the Apple store, do you think it can be recovered? Without my apple id and the password of course not!

Yes I am happy to know that they can do nothing with my phone. And yes I am sad too because that phone was very precious to me, it have some sentimental value that even I buy the new one it is not the same. It wont be the same ever :(

If hope they find their way to God.
Till then.

Friday, December 11, 2015

a week in labour room

In o&g there are 2 wards (antenatal ward & gynae ward) and 2 labour rooms (high risk & low risk) need to be covered. Thus, students are divided into 4 groups and will be assigned to cover each wards respectively according to weeks. There is weekly rotation. As for my group, the first week is labour room, followed by antenatal ward, low risk labour room and the last one which happen on the 4th week is gynae ward. Week 5&6 in Hospital Temerloh, 7,8,9 back to HTAA. Study week in 10th week and exam in 11th.

o&g according to the name refers to the field of study focusing on the pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum period and health of female reproductive systems. We call it as the science of women.

It is far way different from my previous posting (paediatrics; study of kids). Before, I went to the ward seeing bundles of joyful kids as if they were not sick at all, clerking their parents for history taking. Now I come for preggy mommies. Preggy mommies are beautiful. I wonder how will I look like during my pregnancy later. Suddenly it reminds me of a movie entitled "What To Expect When You Are Expecting" how the characters wanted to be pregnant so badly. Well not all women can feel it. Some cannot pregnant at all, while some experience miscarriage or stillbirth (death in intrauterine life or few minutes/hours after birth). Be grateful of what God gives you.

The first day in labour room, I didnt have courage to look at the vaginal delivery. There are 8 cubicles. Each are covered with a blue curtains. I just stood behind the curtains in dilemma whether to look at or not and ended up with a "No". I wasnt scared to see it, it just that I didnt know how to approach the patient, the doctors, the midwives and the staff nurses.

I started my second day with a little courage by hook or by crook I have to at least observe one vaginal delivery. Arrived early before 8am I straight away went to the labour room. There was about 3-4 cubicles occupied with mommies who were almost ready to give birth. It was my first time ever seeing repair of episiotomy, vaginal delivery of single baby and twins for live.

The last day in labour room, I felt like home already.

The first thing to do when a baby is born, is wipe and dry. Suction (i dont know whats the name of the device, poor me) will be done if s/he remain silent, must be some obstruction in the airway that prevent them from crying. Then the nurses will hold the baby up, show them to the mommies and bonding started. Bonding should be started as early as possible. I was moved seeing the bonding between them. The babies know their mommies. They stop crying in their mommy's arm. I couldnt hold my tears when I saw it.

There are two things that makes me moved.
First is bonding between the babies and the mommies. The second thing is how the husbands willingly to stay besides the wives from before delivery till the end. They stood behind the wives, holding hands, never stopped "selawat and zikir" and lots of thank you kisses for giving birth to beautiful babies. It touched my heart when the father started to "azan&iqamah" welcome to the world my kid be a good man. Oh God. I want to have a chance to feel these things in my life. If You would allow me.

Apart from spontaneous vaginal delivery, I'd seen ventouse delivery too. Delivery with the help of vacuum. Remind me of 3 idiots. Ha-ha. The mommy had try her best to push but the baby wont come. There was fetal distress. To prevent further injury to the mommy and baby, vacuum was introduced.

We cannot predict whats gonna happen during delivery. Some deliver with ease. Some need to use instruments to aid, some need to undergo lower segment caesarean section or worse death during delivery. Pray hard.

Heard from my friends 2 days ago, there was a 12-year old girl in the labour room waiting for the delivery, being raped by her own blood, her 14-year old brother. I dont know how that girl is going to cope with the world later on. At the young age having a child, how about school? How about her future? Education is important, man.

Two things can happen after being raped, whether she become addicted to sex or end up being depress resulting in mental disturbance and commit suicide.

May God ease.

Hey Manse!

Till then.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Second day in o&g posting

Taktahu mana nak mula.
Harini dah masuk hari kedua posting o&g. Perasaan dia lainlah serius tak sama macam mana posting paeds dulu. Kalau dulu masuk ward jumpa kanak-kanak. Sekarang jumpa ibu mengandung. 

First week ni group aku dekat labour room. First day ya tohan memang blur gila taktau nak buat apa. Even pagi tadi pun datang labour room taktau nak buat apa. Bukan takde orang yang nak bersalin. Ada je tapi taktau cane nak approach nak tengok the process of labour tu. Rupanya situasi dalam labour room ni takdelah macam dalam drama melayu tu pun. Lain benor. 

Dah datang awal sebelum pukul 8 tadi dah terpacak takbuat pape baik duduk dekat bilik je tido. Dengan tak baca apa lagi pasal labour aku pun masuklah bilik bersalin tu in the middle of repairing the episiotomy. Episiotomy ni ialah procedure di mana kita gunting sikit vagina tu untuk mudahkan process delivery. Aku masuk-masuk sister tengah jahit episiotomy tu. First time tengok depan mata. Dulu sebelum masuk o&g ingatkan aku akan pengsan kepe dalam labour room, ingatkan darah memancut keluar takpun semua tu drama je lebih aku ni blerghhh. 

Lepas tengok sister repair episiotomy tu tengok normal delivery pula. Ha labour room yang aku pergi ni untuk high risk mothers macam yang ada diabetes, infections, darah tinggi, lahir tak cukup bulan, twins and above dan apa lagi tah aku tak baca lagi ;( 

Best o&g ni sebab dapat tengok depan mata apa yang dah belajar. Tapi masalah aku belum baca langsung pasal labour jadi dia tak rasa best sangatlah sikit-sikit tanya dokter ni buatpe, dokter kenapa buat camtu bla bla bla. 1 jam 4 pages je aku dapat. Haihh pasni kena 1 jam tu satu chapter. Fighting! 

Yang normal delivery aku tengok tu dia preterm labour (tak cukup bulan). Tengok dari mula labour sampailah dokter cuci uri dia. Pastu second delivery, twins delivery. Excited gila kot tengok twins delivery. Kawan-kawan yang dah posting o&g sebelum ni ada je yang tak dapat tengok langsung twins delivery yelah bukannya senang kan. Excited gila . Dedua anak perempuan. Masa scan tengok ada satu placenta bila cek placenta tu ada 2 sebenarnya so bukan kembae seiras tapi boleh jadi seiras ha. 

Jadi 3 hari lagi yang tinggal dekat labour room ni haruslah dimanfaatkan dengan baik. Dah cepat baca pasal labour! 

Nanti-nanti :)