Saturday, June 18, 2016

for the next 2 years

It is already at the end of week 5. Minus week 8 (cuti hari raya) & plus study week (week 10) only 4 weeks left. Have 6 more case presentation, lots of cases in the ward needed to be clerk & learn by heart and tons of short cases that need to be practiced. And what am I doing for this whole 5 weeks? 

I followed my heart. My heart told me to sleep. So I slept and begging to God to help me pass. What a worse attitude of a person that is going to become a doctor one day. So you think God will let you pass without showing Him your hard work? 

I need to value time. This one month shall pass really quick. A month isnt enough if I do not take advantage of it. Look at your friends! They are so eager to gain knowledge, they work really hard to become a good Muslim doctor, day and night studying, tagging with the doctors in the wards, so much competitive to learn, cant you just be like them? 

What have you been learning for this past 5 weeks? 

Do you think it is okay to pass with luck, to learn for the sake of exam, at the end of the day when a patient comes to you, you cant figure out what is really happening, and end up killing them? 

Will I end up being a murderer or a doctor?

Cheer up!
Still have time to change.