Friday, October 28, 2016

i know its kinda late, but happy birthday

Last week was my grandpa's 84th birthday. For the first time ever, I did give him a birthday present, and it really touched his heart. Seriously, I was moved from the way he conveyed thank you to me. As I am away from home, I decided to buy an online present from my favorite online shop, Zalora. I don't have much money, so I picked the coolest and the cheapest one. I ordered it on Saturday, shipped on Sunday and hurray safely delivered at home on Monday. 

All this time, grandpa is the one that pick up our parcels every time the postman come. So this time, I put his name as the recipient so that he would be surprised and happy I guess. At the same time, I was worried he would find out the price of the gift. Gladly, my sister was the one to pick up the box, phew. 

It was Monday morning when the parcel arrived. He was at the market, buying some groceries with grandma. During lunch hour (my sister is now doing internship), she went home for meal, and that was the time she presented grandpa the gift. 

Grandpa was sleeping soundly when she did enter his room. Waking him up with excitement,

"Atuk, bangun. Ni ada barang untuk atuk"
"Siapa bagi ni?" he asked curiously, opened it quickly. My sister directly took the invoice right away avoiding him from seeing it. Trust me, it was a really cheap wallet but has the highest sentimental value of course, cause he did received it from the coolest and loveliest granddaughter ever :p 
Upon seeing the coolest wallet ever, he then took out his old wallet from the wardrobe, took out all the money and cards, transferred them all into the new wallet he just got for his birthday. He looked so happy, my sister said. Upon receiving the news, I called him.

"Atuk! Dah dapat dah hadiah"
"Dah, terima kasih banyak-banyak. Susah-susah je nanti duit belanja tak cukup"
"Mana adalah tuk, bila yang murah je. Atuk selamat hari jadi yang ke 84"
"Terima kasih, susah-susah je"
"Atuk suka takkkk tuk?"
"Mestilahh atuk suka. Lagipun beg duit atuk dah koyak dahh"
"Memanglahh daripada kite tadika lagi atuk pakai beg duit yang sama. Pakai tau tukk jangan tak pakaii"
"Atuk dah letak dah semua duit & kad atuk dalam beg duit yang kau bagi ni. Terima kasih banyak-banyak. Belajar elok-elok"
"Doakan tau tuk"
"Atuk sentiasa doakan cucu-cucu atuk" 

Okay nak nangis dengar. Sure, little thing means a lot. Price doesnt matter, but the remembrance. Orang yang dah biasa susah, selagi boleh pakai selagi tulah dia pakai. The wallet has already worn out. Imagine, using the same wallet for more than 13 years. Knowing how happy he was, how moved he was, I was touched. I never thought a small gift would make him happy. Yes he is. I should be grateful at the age of 23, I still have my grandparents, while some did never seen theirs since young. 2 years from now, he would celebrate his 60th year wedding anniversary and inshallah, I would finish my medical school. He would love to celebrate this two meaningful events with our big family, provided that both of them are still alive. Long live grandpa & grandma. 

I wonder if I can live long enough as them. 84 and still strong. Sure he needs to take medications everyday for his hypertension, CKD Stage 3 and IHD NYHA class 2 but comparing to the patients I encounter in the ward, he looks much younger and stronger than them. There were times he looked depressed as he couldnt walk for 6 months due to the effect of general anaesthesia after a long operation he had when I was 17. But he recovered. I would like to talk about his strong will later. 

Nanti-nanti :) 

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