Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Housemanship: my medical career begins now

Alhamdulliah, indeed the help of Allah is near. Just within 30s I managed to grab a place in Hospital Muar that only offered 13 vacancies for this intake. Today is one of the best moment happened in 2019. Yes, housemanship will be a tough period, it is about sacrifices, struggles and endurance. Though nothing is guaranteed to be okay, inshallah Allah will give me strength and courage to get through this pathway. In fact, this is a noble profession, serving the ummah, for better world, as an agent of the Healer, inshallah for every steps I make with the niah because of Allah, He will grant me with overflowing rewards. May Allah bless us all inshallah.

With that, my medical career begins now.

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