Saturday, April 30, 2016

surgery for elective posting?

Last time, during our bedside teaching, Mr AF told us whoever interested to join surgery for elective posting, inform him asap so that he can plan something for us to do, because he doesnt want us to just be in the ward, clerking, examining the patients, that is not what elective posting supposed to be, Hearing that, it makes me wanted to join surgery as I dont need to think what I should choose. Plus, I didnt have any plan yet. To save money, I thought that I should just do it in my hometown. But, I changed my mind now. Dr just returned our homework on the summary of acute limb ischemia yesterday, and he did like my work :)

"Impressive with a smiley"

Out of 36 students, 10 were selected as the best I guess. From what I heard, he wanted us to make some workbook with a summary and illustration if I am not mistaken. Each one of us will be given a task, and then we need to compile it together into a book. I wasnt there when the class leader met the other 9, I was in other place waiting someone to give me marks for my seminar. In order words, he did offer us to join surgery for elective I guess?? Dont know. But he'll meet us after the examination ends, few days from now.

So now, lets focus on end of posting exam first.
Till then.