Sunday, April 24, 2016

memories captured

I used to be very eager in capturing memories using fujifilm instax mini 8 during my first year. But later on, the camera left untouched inside the wardrobe under piles of clothes. Did I get bored already? Probably yes. After months, I finally used it yesterday night. And I started to think of taking as much photos as I could before finishing MBBS so that one day I could look at the photos and reminiscing the old days.

As it is now become more and difficult to get places for housemanship, my lecturers stressed on the importance of porfolio. I did love to write reflections, compiling them together with the result slips , putting them nicely so that the lecturers will be impressed, but now, no more. I should keep on writing. So that later when I've already become a doctor, I could remember how it feels like back then.

So when shall I start then?
Hmm maybe I should buy a new camera, but this time a wide one instax?