Saturday, January 16, 2016

So hi 2016

I think it is not too late for new year wishes.
May 2016 brings a lot of joy to us and may us all achieve whatever we want in life.
So, cheers man!

I'm turning 23 this year.
Oh God I'm getting older. I need to act like an adult and stop being childish. More positive and mature this year. 

I have another two weeks left before study weeks begins and I still have lots of procedure unchecked. I didn't have a chance yet to observe hysterectomy, manual placenta removal, paps smear and colposcopy. Talking to my friend, Dayah this afternoon about how Malaysian women nowadays tried so hard to become white, skinny and pretty by consuming supplements that they don't even aware of the ingredients being used. I'm not saying that all this products are bad. Hmm well technically maybe yes? It is not right to see people becoming fair and fairer within a month of consuming certain products. More worse within two weeks the effects already showing. What if the ingredients contain hormones like estrogen? Yes hormones makes you pretty. Makes your skin becomes flawless. But too much hormones destroy you. You might get estrogen dependent diseases like endometriosis, adenomyosis or worse endometrial cancer. People wont care until they finally suffered. Good for future medical students, they get to see hysterectomy daily. I am being sarcastic right now. 

I think most of the products act to block the production of melanin. Melanin is a pigment that gives us the color of the hair, skin and eyes. It is a black pigmentation. We need melanin for protection against UV damage. Please read more on melanin. Albino a type of disease that lack of melanin production. You see how white they are. They cant even go out to see the sun like us. They have to wear so much protection before going out. I'm afraid this products will later make you suffer from skin cancer. At this young reproductive age you wont get it. Wait till you menopause. Women are bless by God with hormones that protect us all from many kind of diseases. But it only works throughout the reproductive age. That is why it is hard to see young people with chronic diseases. Take care of your health since now. Don't wait until you become old. 

Do some research before buying cheap products that claim you can get prettier by consuming it for weeks. I am not saying expensive products is good. Don't get me wrong. Consult a dermatologist or trusted skincare consultant first. I don't understand why people tend to believe fake doctor than a real doctor. They just want your money. They don't ever bother what's gonna happen to you later. 

Hmm being a dermatologist sounds great ha. 

2016 is the 5th year being together with Shahrin yeay!
May God cherish us with happiness now and forever.
At this point of time, I just want to finish my studies on time and get a job.
I just want us to be happy, together.

Till then.

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