Thursday, March 17, 2016


"Why the patient reluctant to be clerked?"
"Why the patient doesn't want to disclose their social history?"
"Because you don't have empathy towards the patient. Because you are selfish. You don't think the patient as a whole. You are just interested in their diseases. You don't have interest in them. If I were the patient, I would do the same. I would be reluctant to give you information regarding my condition. I don't want to be clerked by you. You can be doctor, but not a good doctor. You see doctors nowadays, some of them posting about the patients on social networking. You think its good? You shouldn't reveal your patients to public. They have put their trust on you. If they were your close relatives, wouldn't you be mad if some other doctors disclose their information to the public? Wouldn't you be mad when they are just treating the disease but not the patient?"
"..(a punch on my face).."

Those are some advice from Prof N, a consultant surgeon, during bedside teaching yesterday morning.


-I should correct they way of approaching patients.
-Every time I come into the ward I suppose to pray silently for the patient's health.
-I should not interest in their disease only, that's so selfish. Wouldn't it hurt when someone begins the conversation by asking,

"datang sebab apa pakcik/makcik/uncle/auntie/puan/encik/adik?"

-Next, every time I walk into the ward, I should speak silently in the heart may Allah bless me for all day long, and granted me endless & unforgettable knowledge so that I can apply it in the future when I'm practicing as a physician.

Sure medicine is a lifelong journey that requires a lot of sacrifice, it wont never be easy, but I wont regret it, I have choose this path, I wont look back, I should enjoy every bit moment of it. I just have to work harder and harder.

Oh Allah, ease my way.