Sunday, August 21, 2016

my blood is yours

"you need to take this medication for 6 months"
"okay, if its the best to heal me, i will"

I suffered from acne vulgaris. It is not that severe, but still as a woman it bothers me much. When looking myself in the mirror, this questions keep on playing,

"so when shall this scars gone?" 
"when will I be as beautiful as other girls?"

Natural remedies never did work for me. Only medications prescribed by doctors works on me. I sometimes regretted my decision past few years for trying local products. It worked as long as I depend on it, acnes flare up when I stopped.

Glad after few days taking doxycyline, tretinoin and benzoyl peroxide, my acnes began to heal. Yet still, got lots of acne scars, redness everywhere on cheeks, pitted acne scars. Oh hell no. 

"i need to take your blood for liver function test, renal profile, lipid profile and full blood count, in case within 2 months these meds dont work on you, then we need to change to more powerful meds which is isotretinoin, ever heard of it?"
"kind of vitamin A, right doctor? why do i need to withdraw my blood then?"
"yes. i would like to see your liver and kidney function plus cholesterol level before administrating the med as it can cause increase level of cholesterol, have some effects on kidney and liver plus if youre pregnant, you cant take it since it is teratogenic"

I hope I dont need to take isotretinoin. Please God, save me from all this shits. I'm tired of being sad every time I look into myself on the mirror. For the scars, I will go for chemical peeling or maybe this one product I found on the internet, Dermagist Acne Scars Fading Cream, have to buy it online since it doent release in Malaysia, but need to consult doctor first, afraid if it doesnt work, as it costs a lot of money. I'm sick of wasting money for things that doesnt help in healing my skin. 

Just yesterday, I realized one thing, oh God I cannot donate my blood for 6 months since I will be consuming doxycline for a course of 6 months. I have goals in life. And one of them is to donate as much blood as I can before 68 years old. I am thinking of donating my heart and eyes when I die too. Well I am a big sinner. I made sins everyday. I guess my giving my blood, heart and eyes to people in need it will help me in the hereafter, inshallah. God has gave me a lot, for 23 years, I should be grateful for whatever I have now. 

I'm actually a lil bit sad. No blood donation for 6 months means 700cc blood will be wasted. I am a universal donor. People need my blood for living. As long as my blood flows in their vessels, for every good deed that they did, inshallah I get some part of it. Now imagine donating the heart and the eyes. Mashallah. May God ease me in reaching my goals. 

Till then.

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Miss Xyz said...

T.T I too, have acne problems and I understand how does it feels people talking abt our acne and scars.. Hang on there, better days better skin coming. Within that time, you can donate blood as much as u want ;) (of course keep some blood to urself too ahaha). I hope I'm as good as u.. I never had intentions to donate blood bcs if I want to, I had to gain a little weight.