Tuesday, August 2, 2016

we keep this love in a photograph

I looked back at the old photos of mine, feels old enough. Every photo carries a story. As time passes, memories remained. Right here, in my mind, I can remember every single detail happened in each photo. Back then, I was slimmer than now. I weighed about 45/46kg with a good body shaped, compared to now I looked much similar to a potato. Weird thing, in the past even though I ate more than now, I never even bother of maintaining a good shape, my weight never exceeded 50kg. I had loss weight during Ramadhan, poor thing in 2 weeks I gained another 3kg. Should try harder to control my lust from getting worse if not I would end up being a watermelon. Sounds silly.

I didn’t have tons of pictures during my high school. We weren’t allowed to bring camera plus I didn’t own one. Some still brought it, sure they had lots of photos taken to be showed to their future kids soon. It seems like my kids need to have a real good imagination to portray their mum as a high school student. I have a bunch of albums filled with my childhood memories. Before the era of digital cameras and smartphones, people used film camera like lomography, holgas, polaroid, disposable cameras and so to capture memories. Youngsters nowadays might not know the existence of all this stuff. Those who got passion in photography might still own this kind of cameras. I know some that loves to play with holga and polaroids. Do not mistaken polaroid as instax camera. They are far different from each other. Polaroid is much more expensive and antique compared to instax that look much cheaper and updated. I bought myself an instax camera during my first year medical school. I would like to change to a wide type of instax camera soon enough when I got money in my pocket.

Unlike now, photos back then were unedited, unfiltered and it is kind of exciting to wait till all the film were used up and we went to photo shop to get them print out. Then we would buy an album to fill in the photos. Sadly, after the era of smartphones and digital cameras, we partially stopped doing that. I just printed out memories captured since my first year up till now and already put them into an album named after an English movie starred by Rachel McAdams, About Time. Most of the photos in first year had I deleted for unknown reasons making me felt unsatisfied and full of regrets. From now on, I promise to myself that I will value each photograph, keeping it safe till forever. I am now imagining tons of photo albums will be created in the future filled with valuable memories that could not be bought with money but experiences. 


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