Friday, August 12, 2016

tick tock tick tock

After a whole week of wondering the fate of my medical course, I finally received a good news on last Monday morning after having my breakfast with grandma & grandpa, thank God, alhamdulliah, I passed medical posting. This marked the end of my 3rd year, hello there 4th year sure there will be lots of unpredictable things ahead, yet enjoyable and fun. Though I'm happy I passed the most difficult posting of all, I feel like I'm actually unqualified to pass as my short case was the worst of all short cases I ever had. There are more things to learn, to grab, and to remember as fast as possible, 2 years more to go till the final professional exam. My 5th year seniors, whom just finished their MBBS last week, was the best batch of all, with the highest passing and distinction rate. In medicine, you cannot expect 100% pass, there will always be certain degree of failure. Knowledge isnt the only marker that guarantee passing the posting, there are other factors as well, the most influencing of all, we call it, rezeki. With that, I challenge myself to always giving instead of taking.

p/s: I managed to sell my instax mini 8, can now finally buy instax wide 210 hihihi
pp/s: I decided to not to go to you-know-where, I guess it isnt the right time and the right place for the first timer like me exchanging glances and know them well.

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Nitnot said...

Wah congrates btw ayu! *nasib ingat lagi nama hanggg!
Tahun ke-5 baru habis kan?
All the best!

p/s: hargai kehidupan yang anda lalui sekarang, student life is the best!