Friday, December 11, 2015

a week in labour room

In o&g there are 2 wards (antenatal ward & gynae ward) and 2 labour rooms (high risk & low risk) need to be covered. Thus, students are divided into 4 groups and will be assigned to cover each wards respectively according to weeks. There is weekly rotation. As for my group, the first week is labour room, followed by antenatal ward, low risk labour room and the last one which happen on the 4th week is gynae ward. Week 5&6 in Hospital Temerloh, 7,8,9 back to HTAA. Study week in 10th week and exam in 11th.

o&g according to the name refers to the field of study focusing on the pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum period and health of female reproductive systems. We call it as the science of women.

It is far way different from my previous posting (paediatrics; study of kids). Before, I went to the ward seeing bundles of joyful kids as if they were not sick at all, clerking their parents for history taking. Now I come for preggy mommies. Preggy mommies are beautiful. I wonder how will I look like during my pregnancy later. Suddenly it reminds me of a movie entitled "What To Expect When You Are Expecting" how the characters wanted to be pregnant so badly. Well not all women can feel it. Some cannot pregnant at all, while some experience miscarriage or stillbirth (death in intrauterine life or few minutes/hours after birth). Be grateful of what God gives you.

The first day in labour room, I didnt have courage to look at the vaginal delivery. There are 8 cubicles. Each are covered with a blue curtains. I just stood behind the curtains in dilemma whether to look at or not and ended up with a "No". I wasnt scared to see it, it just that I didnt know how to approach the patient, the doctors, the midwives and the staff nurses.

I started my second day with a little courage by hook or by crook I have to at least observe one vaginal delivery. Arrived early before 8am I straight away went to the labour room. There was about 3-4 cubicles occupied with mommies who were almost ready to give birth. It was my first time ever seeing repair of episiotomy, vaginal delivery of single baby and twins for live.

The last day in labour room, I felt like home already.

The first thing to do when a baby is born, is wipe and dry. Suction (i dont know whats the name of the device, poor me) will be done if s/he remain silent, must be some obstruction in the airway that prevent them from crying. Then the nurses will hold the baby up, show them to the mommies and bonding started. Bonding should be started as early as possible. I was moved seeing the bonding between them. The babies know their mommies. They stop crying in their mommy's arm. I couldnt hold my tears when I saw it.

There are two things that makes me moved.
First is bonding between the babies and the mommies. The second thing is how the husbands willingly to stay besides the wives from before delivery till the end. They stood behind the wives, holding hands, never stopped "selawat and zikir" and lots of thank you kisses for giving birth to beautiful babies. It touched my heart when the father started to "azan&iqamah" welcome to the world my kid be a good man. Oh God. I want to have a chance to feel these things in my life. If You would allow me.

Apart from spontaneous vaginal delivery, I'd seen ventouse delivery too. Delivery with the help of vacuum. Remind me of 3 idiots. Ha-ha. The mommy had try her best to push but the baby wont come. There was fetal distress. To prevent further injury to the mommy and baby, vacuum was introduced.

We cannot predict whats gonna happen during delivery. Some deliver with ease. Some need to use instruments to aid, some need to undergo lower segment caesarean section or worse death during delivery. Pray hard.

Heard from my friends 2 days ago, there was a 12-year old girl in the labour room waiting for the delivery, being raped by her own blood, her 14-year old brother. I dont know how that girl is going to cope with the world later on. At the young age having a child, how about school? How about her future? Education is important, man.

Two things can happen after being raped, whether she become addicted to sex or end up being depress resulting in mental disturbance and commit suicide.

May God ease.

Hey Manse!

Till then.

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