Friday, December 18, 2015

I am so fucked up

I am not okay.
I am seriously not okay :(
I am so messed up. 

Last two months someone broke into my car and today I lost my iPhone. It happened really fast. The incident happened in the bus station as I was going to buy ticket for upcoming holiday. I planned to be home by next Wednesday. I parked my car at the roadside and walked to the station with my friend, Farah. It just a 2-3 minutes walk . I remembered clearly that I carried the phone with me. As we walked to the station, I remember there was no other people walked behind or beside us. It was just us. Reaching the station, I suddenly realized that the phone wasnt with me. It was weird. Because I hold it with my hands. Seriously man. If the phone falls on the ground I would noticed it. It was not the first time it falls. There was no such thing as kena pukau or what. We didnt talk to any strangers. 

I was being positive "Oh maybe I didnt bring the phone at the first place. Maybe it stills in the car. Okay we'll find out later. To the counter first" 

I bought the ticket and a dark chocolate drink with oreo topping, went back to the car. We searched through the car and it was not there! I didnt put the phone into silent mode so I asked Farah to call my phone. No sounds heard. The call was connected but no answer. Of course the culprit wont answer it! We tried searching from the way we came to the station. It was not there. We asked Akak that parked the car behind mine if there is any signs of people coming near my car when I was at the station, and she said no! Then Farah called Kak Syu asking for help thru the apps of find my iPhone. And taraaa! my phone was moving away from me.

I didnt know what to do. It was precious to me. I cant imagine this morning was the last time I saw it forever. Hmm. So what did I do? Make a police report? Of course not, tell me what can they do? I did nothing except crying. Such a lil brat I am. Kak Syu turned the phone into the lost mode so that the one that stole it cannot get access to it unless s/he knows the password of mine. Of course s/he need to call me first for the password. Do you think they have courage to call me? Of course not. So it means that the iPhone that they just stole is nothing without me. Apple is way good in terms of security. Even if they send it to the Apple store, do you think it can be recovered? Without my apple id and the password of course not!

Yes I am happy to know that they can do nothing with my phone. And yes I am sad too because that phone was very precious to me, it have some sentimental value that even I buy the new one it is not the same. It wont be the same ever :(

If hope they find their way to God.
Till then.

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